Early Talk Resources


Bullying, Safe Touch, Strangers, Internet Safety


Now is the time to create rules of safety and strengthen communication with your kids.

Resources for parents with elementary-age kids

We have gathered some trusted resources to begin the conversation with your children about their safety. If you need support, information, advocacy, or support please contact us.

The How, When & What to Teach Your Elementary Age Child About Their Body, Their Sexual Identity, Personal Safety, and More.

(Planned Parenthood Resource)


Videos to watch with your kids (or your spouse…then your kids).

Find a lot more of these great videos to watch with your children at Amaze.org (healthy relationships, safety, sexuality, and more).

What is Bullying?

Being Safe on the Internet

Teasing is not Just Harmless Fun

Finding an Adult You Can Trust

Power in Numbers

KB Recalls Her Day

Stand Up For Your Classmates

Articles about Sexual Assault and Special Needs

The Sexual Assault Epidemic No One Talks About – Read Article

Sexual Assault in the Deaf Community – Read Article

Child Abuse Treatment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children – Read Policy Document

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