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Toddler & Preschool-Aged

It’s not too early to start


They’re bright, observant, and friendly…

These discussions can be as simple as discussing ‘safe’ vs. ‘unsafe’ touches or that kids are in control of who can touch their bodies and when. 

It is important for even the youngest of children to know that their voice is important and they have the right to say no.  These conversations also help kids feel more comfortable talking with trusted adults about their bodies.


At this age our children are exploring, observing, open and friendly to the world. Here are some articles and resources to help guide you on how to teach healthy boundaries and safe touch for preschool-age children.


Planned Parenthood

There’s no better resource than a supportive parent. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to be willing to talk AND listen. The open, non-judgmental conversations you have with your children about sex, puberty, bodies, and relationships will help them stay safe and healthy as they grow up. We’re here to show you how to be your kid’s go-to resource for answers and advice, from pre-K to college.

10 Ways to Teach Your Child Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse | Childmind.org

Straight talk about body parts and a no-secrets policy can protect young kids without scaring them.

Teasing is Not Just Harmless Fun
Saying Yes or No, What is Consent?

Watch more videos on Amaze.org for all ages

Safe Touch, Unsafe Touch
Protect Yourself,
Rules for Friendly Strangers
My Body Safety Rules

Safer, Smarter, Families

Facts and statistics you may not have known.

Safer, Smarter Families has created a toolkit appropriate for K-12 age children.

Did You Know?

There is NO sex offender profile. Abusers can be anyone: family members, neighbors, friends, doctors, coaches, youth leaders, or clergy members. Many times these “respected” abusers remain undetected.

Did You Know?

1 in 3 girls will be sexually assaulted before they are 18.

Did You Know?

30% of sexual abuse is never reported.