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A safe space for survivors to rebuild.

Crisis Intervention Services (CIS) is the leading non-profit organization delivering advocacy and support services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our vision is to accomplish the greatest amount of good, to as many survivors as possible, through compassion, crisis counseling, holistic healing services, and advocacy.


With the support of our volunteers and community supporters, we provide free, confidential, and secure services to clients. Our Services are provided in a mobile capacity in the twelve Southeast Iowa counties that we serve. Advocates respond within 60 minutes of notification to requests for assistance, providing a compassionate listener that you can trust.

Certified Advocates are professionally trained and equipped to provide services in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. They understand the courage it takes to make ‘the call”. Rest assured an Advocate will be available to provide crisis counseling.

Each day is a step forward towards a safe, violent-free life. Restoring Hope, CIS Iowa works to empower survivors.

CIS is proud to announce the recent expansion of our network into eight different programs, each with a special focus that is customized to address all aspects of social awareness, education, and support.

  • Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS)
  • Women’s Circle
  • Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)
  • Violent Crime Support Services (VCSS)
  • Boy’s Council
  • Girl’s Circle
  • U Speak

Deep inside of you is all the strength you need to keep moving forward. Get silent. Tap into it. Keep going.

-Karen Salmonsohn Survivor/Thriver/Author/Coach

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You can speak to an Advocate 24/7 by calling our hotline at 1-800-270-1620 

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