3 Ways to Stabilize Mental Friction for Survivors

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May 6, 2021 | Protection, Resources, Safety

Written by Lela Devries


Your mental wellness is just as important as your physical wellness- stop putting it off

Most people don’t consider their mental health as a priority, but everyone should take it seriously. The body is a wonderous thing, and our minds are precious gifts that must be handled delicately. For those who’ve experienced traumatic situations, the lingering trauma can have many negative impacts on the mind. In this article, let’s take a look at three different ways you can help create balance and stability in your life through mental healing.


Channeling Your Emotions Through Creativity

One of the most awe-inspiring methods is to connect with your creative side. This can include everything from songwriting to painting or even fashion design. The fact is everyone has a story to tell, so by reorganizing that energy into a talent that others can appreciate, you can set the stage expressing your emotions while building a form of success on top of it. Whatever you chose to create is a symbol of your journey, strength, and ability to overcome anything. These activities help to engage your mind and can force to you establish a goal that tells others what you want to say or portray. Don’t be afraid to connect with and unleash your creativity juices.


Refocus with a Positive Mindset

You know the saying, “Think Positive”, and yes a lot of times it’s easier said than done. However, it can be done! The idea here is to force yourself into saying positive feelings of action. Phrases like “Yes, I do matter” or “I am worthy of this”, and “I am strong” make all the difference. But don’t just say it, BELIEVE IT! By doing this, you are making major moves to silence the inner critic and reaffirm your mind for uplifting and empowering thoughts. Put aside the negative thoughts and disruptions haunting your mental health, and instead push for more positive influences to motivate you. Some of the actions you can do to build a more positive mind can include writing your thoughts into a journal for expression and relief. You can also try joining local support groups where your feelings and thoughts can be shared with others, while they motivate you in return. Remember that your mental distress is not a punishment, so it is ok to feel sad or anxious, but you cannot let it consume you. A mind filled with positivity and enthusiasm is the most rejuvenating way to achieve mental stability.


Talk About It

This may be one of the most uncomfortable methods, but it is also one of the simplest paths to maintaining a healthy mind in the healing process and beyond. Don’t hide behind your feelings, talk about it with someone you can confide in.  We mentioned earlier about getting involved in support groups, but you can also reach out to advocates or trained professionals for guidance in moving forward. You may find others who share some of the same pains and struggles as you, well guess what? There’s strength in numbers. Talking to others about what you are feeling can aid in expressing those deep, complicated emotions you may not know how to handle. Try to put all of your fears, doubts, and worries into a positive conversation by talking about how your experience changed you. What do you want to do moving forward? How can you take your experience and use it to make you stronger? Remember the key is focusing on the positive aspects- talking gives your mind the healing it needs to declutter and calm the noise.


We’ve given you three incredible strategies to help you weed out the negativity and commit to a healthier mental state. The key-take away here is that as you continue to heal and rebuild your life past the traumatic experiences, it is important that you give all of the care you can in maintaining positive mental wellness. Your mind is the source of experiencing new ways to find joy in life, give it all the T-L-C it deserves!

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