A Lesson from the G.O.A.T- Overcoming Fear and Speaking Out

Assault, Protection, Safety

Jul 26, 2021 | Assault, Protection, Safety

Written by Lela Devries


Some things are more important than titles and medals- confidence and self-respect

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are happening right now and while the world’s eyes are on one incredibly talented member of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team, there’s another reason to find inspiration from this amazing young woman.


Simone Biles, honorably given the title of “Greatest Of All Time”, stands not just as an Olympic champion, but a champion for sexual assault victims. Her story came forward in 2018 in a shocking movement that stunned the world, but for those in the sexual abuse and trauma communities, it was a story they were all too familiar with.


In hearing the stories from survivors, advocates, and even other celebrities impacted by sexual abuse, there is a constant voice that continues to speak out letting others know that the time is always right to speak up. Change is possible, and change will occur but only if those who are willing to fight for it remain dedicated to living this truth.


Overcoming the fear, and finding the courage to speak up is one of the biggest obstacles that survivors face. The initial struggle to tell their story, and share it with the right person is part of the process. Especially if you are in a position of high influence and notable achievement, this cannot be an easy discussion to have. In past interviews, Biles claimed she was afraid to talk to others about what happened to her, and even her family noticed that some was wrong- but she neglected to discuss it. Finally when Biles came forward in 2018, her words became an inspiring beacon of hope to those who had also been tormented by sexual assault and sexual abuse.


Her journey to move past the pain and frustration of her trauma only pushed her further into performance and passion for gymnastics. She even remarked in a recent interview, that she felt she HAD to come back as proof of being a survivor and to show the world what it means to overcome those fears.


Defining confidence and protecting your own self-respect are two of the best ways to rise above your own experiences, and show the world that you are unstoppable. Your voice cannot be silenced, and you must take the steps to ensure those responsible are held accountable.  Biles has continued to pursue her dreams, and is making sure that her life does not remain empty and without joy. She has found a way to keep striving and thriving- an important message for all survivors.


Once you have been able to successfully make your story known and share it with the others- your next step is to continue to fulfill your personal legacy by moving forward. Utilize your talents whether it’s balancing beams, perfecting culinary delights, or teaching the next generation- do not let the past define your future. Instead, let it inspire you!


If the G.O.A.T. can turn heads by showing the world how hard work, perseverance, and commitment can impact an Olympic icon, imagine what your story can do to inspire thousands of individuals to put their fear aside, speak up, and achieve more. Believe in yourself, and the ability to comeback from obstacles (no matter how difficult), and the Gold will always be yours.

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