Have the Conversation Early.

And Have It Often.

Toddler / Pre-K

Resources for Parents

These resources will help parents and caretakers begin having conversations about body safety and boundaries at an early age, even as young as 2 years old.  It is important to start the conversations early, have them often, and recognize any signs of concern.

Elementary Age

Resources for Parents

The resources available on this page are to help parents and caretakers have conversations about healthy relationships with their school-age child(ren) and how to keep themselves safe in an ever-changing world.  Kids need to know that they have trusted, non-judgmental people in their lives when they have questions about their bodies, personal safety, and many other topics.  Information shared here will help you build the connection.

Middle-High School

Resources to Watch with Your Youth

As youth enter Middle and High school, their bodies are changing and it may become difficult for them to want to discuss what is going on in their lives.

They may be feeling pressured to engage in a variety of behaviors and activities that leave them questioning who they are, their safety, their friendships and relationships, and many other topics.

The resources found on this link will help you as a trusted adult be present so that tweens and teens feel more comfortable talking with you about how to make appropriate choices during this time in their lives.

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